Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Over the 8 years past years, the Skybox team has had the extreme pleasure of helping countless couples tie the knot.  Now that the peak of our wedding season is wrapping up, it’s time to start looking towards the future.

This summer, many of our couples are celebrating their wedding anniversary.  Whether it is their first or their fifth, we have some traditional and modern gifts for the love of your life!

The traditional first year anniversary gift for newlyweds is paper.  For the modern couple, clocks are the new “in” gift. 

One unique paper gift would be a map.  This scratch-able map from Uncommon Goods lets you mark down where you have been, and where you want to go throughout your life together.

A modern clock can also be using as a conversation starter in your home.  This gear wall clock is the perfect amount of modern and rustic that would spice up any room.

For the couple that is celebrating their second wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton, whereas the modern gift is china. 

Cotton is a very versatile fabric.  It can be used casually or in a more luxurious way.  One way to give your spouse their cotton gift is to give them luxurious cotton towels.  These towels can be used to create a romantic spa day at home to celebrate.

China is one thing that is not usually put on a wedding registry, so why not splurge and treat yourself to a set that can be handed down from generation to generation.  We love this Vera Wang for Wedgewood set that is both classic and modern

Leather is the traditional gift for the couple that is celebrating their third anniversary, while crystal or glass is for the modern gifting couple.

For the couple that is celebrating their third anniversary, finding a good leather gift can be difficult.  One gift that we love is this leather bound 1,000 Places To See Before You Die book.  It is the perfect thing to keep you moving forward in your adventurous marriage.

One of the best ways to unwind with your love is to sit down and enjoy a nice drink, in this crystal Decanter set.  You can sit down, discuss the day, and talk about the future.

The traditional gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is fruit or flowers, whereas appliances are the modern twist on gifts for the fourth wedding anniversary.

A fun gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is a “bouquet” of fruit.  This will cover both the flower part, as well as the fruit part!

What better way to start off your fourth anniversary than by enjoying a nice cup of coffee.  With this Espresso machine you can cover your “appliance” anniversary gift, while also getting your caffeine fix!

The five year wedding anniversary is a big deal, so to celebrate that occasion, the traditional gift is wood and the modern gift is silverware. 

One cool way to celebrate your anniversary is to create a family coat of arms that can be passed down through your family.  This Coat of Arms has an awesome wood frame to keep your family crest safe.

Anther romantic notion on your wedding anniversary is to be served breakfast in bed on this Silver-plated Breakfast tray .  It is nice enough to be used only on special occasions, as well as a tray to keep your coffee on while you read the paper in bed!

Post Published on September 16, 2013.

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