Family Photos {The Lays}

Family Photos {The Lays}

Family photos…how to capture these special moments without stressing. From one Mom to another, I know that making plans that involve your little one acting and looking good is almost impossible to do.  Trying to have everyone together for a decent photo is even harder.  But, getting some simple things together for a family photo shoot in advance can really make everything go smoother.

Here are some tips to help make your family photo shoot easy:

Scout your House

  • Use item that you can find around your house to pull inspiration from like your child’s baby blanket and pull colors from there to dress your family in.


  • Pick a photographer who has similar style to you, and sit down and have a meeting.  Make sure you are all comfortable and will have a good time shooting!

Be Prepared

  • Pack everything that you need in advance: props, toys, & outfits.  Know where and when you are going to take the photos and make sure your photographer is familiar with the setting.

Timing is Everything

  • Everyone is always much happier after they have taken a nap.  Plan your photo shoot in between naps, that way your little one is happy and full of energy for their close ups!   


  • This is the most important tip in having a successful family photo session.  The goal of the photo shoot is to have fun and let your true love show!

I’ve put these tips to work, and my family photo session turned out amazing! Check out our photos on Inspired By This blog.

Having a simple plan will make for the best photo experience for the entire family!

Post Published on January 31, 2014. Photo by Caroline Tran

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