My Mommy

My Mommy

Normally, I keep my blog postings event or wedding related but this week in honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday… I want to share with you someone very personal and special to me. Of course, my mommy… Nam Nguyen.  She is the original event planner in our family. When I was little (and still now) we would have dinner parties almost every Sunday. But we weren’t your average family… it was never just the 4 of us but rather a group of 10 or more.  She always managed to make everything seem so easy. Naturally learning from her I wanted to someday be able to plan events and parties for others too. We both never imagined that it would become my career.

10 Reasons Why I Am My Mother’s Daughter

1. She loves throwing parties and entertaining family and friends.

2. She always cooks way too much food. Then makes everyone take a “to-go” box home.

3. She is very dramatic about…well almost everything.

4. She loves repeating her stories and every time she does…the story changes a bit. Mainly becoming more dramatic in some way.

5. She doesn’t get upset often, but when she does…everyone needs to stand clear. But it only last for about 5 minutes and she is back to normal.

6. She’s scared of any noise and jumps at almost everything. Big chicken…and hates to sleep in the dark.

7. She loves to eat carbs…breads, rice and mostly boba.

8. She has a major shopping problem when it comes to a good deal…it’s hard for her to turn them down.

9. She loves keeping busy…always doing so  many different things at once.

10.  My mom is the person I have become and I’m happy for that. I am my Mother’s Daughter.

Photos By: Kathie Tran Photography

Post Published on May 5, 2010. 

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3 day weekend!!!

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