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I love this time of year. The music, the smells, the lights, the food, the loved ones… it’s just so special and it only lasts for about one month. But something I don’t always like is thinking of the perfect gift for all the people in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts, but sometimes it’s just so difficult to think of something different.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some lists that might be helpful for you. Until the day that Santa comes, Skybox will share these with you some gift ideas to give your creative juices, and gift giving, a helpful boost. Here is what’s on our list:

  1. Top 5 DIY Gifts
  2. Top 5 Quirky Gifts
  3. Top 5 Gifts under $25
  4. Top 5 Gifts for the Couple
  5. Top 5 Gifts for the Nerds in Our Lives
  6. Top 5 Gifts that Keep on Giving

1. Photo-Opoly Board Game

Have pictures laying around that you have no room to put into a scrapbook? Or perhaps you want to personalize your board gaming? Whatever the case, this version of Monopoly allows you to customize your own game for your own life.

Available at: Photoopoly Board Game

2. Zipper Wrist Cuff- making it for her

Make something you have into a sentimental something for her. Give a piece of yourself, or your clothing to your friend, girlfriend, or the fashionista in your life by making her a zipper wrist cuff. Yes, you can go to the store and buy her a new zipper for the occasion, but wouldn’t it mean more if it was part of you she could carry around with her?

Tutorial here: Zipper Wrist Cuff

3. Glasses case- making it for him

What can you do with all those old ties the man in your life throws out? Make them into a glass case! Whether for the sun or prescription, this innovative use for his old ties will allow him to keep his favorite tie around a little bit longer.

Tutorial here:  Glasses Case

4. Personalized Converse shoes

So you’re not into the DIY movement, but you like the idea of something personalized. Then make your own shoes! At Converse, you can customize dozens of shoes for your gift-giving pleasure. Simple and easy, not to mention perfect for any age and any gender.

Available here: Personalized Converse Shoes

5. Homemade Vanilla Extract

It’s tasty. It doesn’t take much work. It’s perfect for the foodie. Homemade vanilla extract will be fun to make, fun to receive, and fun to watch develop as it takes 6 weeks to be fully flavored. 3 ingredients and you have something that will give and give and give. Maybe you’ll even be a recipient of tasty treats this gift is sure to produce.

Recipe here: Homemade Vanilla Extract

Ok, fine. You don’t like cooking, just eating. But you still love social media. So use these instead: Social Media Fridge Magnets.

Available here: Social Media Fridge Magnets

1. Illustrated Flim Posters

This is perfect for the movie fanatic or cult movie fan. A retro take on some of the classic American movies, you can now put them on your wall for a unique statement piece. Prints range from every era, from Hitcock to Tarantino.

Available here: Illustrated Film Posters

2. Pallet Coasters

Practical, and yet unusual. These conversation starters will save your tables and your awkward social silences with their clever looks.

Available here: Pallet Coasters

3. The NPR Map

Road Trippers take notice! This map will help you know the best stations to stay tuned in to along all of your car rides, without satellite radio. Locate your frequency, even when you can’t locate your location.

Available here:  The NPR Map

4. Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

These kung fu masters will stealthily steal their way into your hearts with their impeccable form and action-packed figures. Make them, bake them, and see how they really are ninjas when they disappear in a flash.

Available here: Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

5. Eat Tweet Cookbook

Come on, you can admit it. You’re addicted to Twitter. And Facebook. And Linked-in. And Pintrest. And MySpace (yes, you still have one). So why wouldn’t you want a cookbook that also speaks your language? This social media inspired take on cooking will give you cleverly short instructions, one tweet at a time. It may even inspire you to tweet about your cookbook tweets.

Available here: Eat Tweet Cookbook

1. Ballparks Baseball

California sports four different baseball teams, and thus four different stadiums. If you’re a baseball buff, it’s not going to matter what team your would die for, with this gift, but simply which baseball team your next trip will bring you closest to. This clever way to find and see stadiums will please any baseball fan. ($22.50)

Available here: Ballparks Baseball

2. Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee lovers come in all shapes and sizes, ages and ideas. So why would they all drink at the same rate? This Coffee Mug Warmer is ideal for the coffee drinker that likes to sip and savor. ($8)

Available here:  Coffee Mug Warmer

3. NYC Walls Notebook

For the doodler in your life, nothing could get better. Create your own graffiti over actual pictures with this notebook. Now you can sit through a phone call and feel productive while you doodle your way all over New York City. ($17)

Available here: NYC Walls Notebook

4. Vintage 2012 Wall Calendar

Mad Men, Pan Am, and The Playboy Club (may it rest in peace) all proved one thing about current American society: We love retro! So now you too can participate in the retro every day with this great Vintage 2012 Wall Calendar. With slogans, ads, and company promos from all of our favorite eras, you’ll never tire of looking back at a “simpler” time. ($22)

Available here: Vintage 2012 Wall Calendar

5: Recycled Vinyl Record Picture Frame

Again, vintage inspired, but this time targeting the music lover. Perfect for any room, or any décor scheme, put your loved ones in a frame that’s as unique as they are. ($17.99)

Available here: Recycled Vinyl Record Picture Frame

Runner up: Bottle Cap Tripod

The cleverness! No longer are you stranded for a steady surface every time you lack a photographer. Not only does it fit in your purse or pocket, but all you need to do it clip it onto your drink and snap away. ($9.99)

Available here: Bottle Cap Tripod

1. For the woman: Aqua Boho Drop Earrings

These beautiful, one of a kind earrings will get a gasp, and then a kiss, at your thoughtful and unique gift. It’ll be sure that none of her other girlfriends will have these same gems.

Available here: Aqua Boho Drop Earrings

2. For the man: Moonshiner’s 8 oz Leather Flask

Give your man the ultimate man-gift. A Moonshiners Flask is both fun and mysterious as he can show off his great gift to all his friends.

Available here: Moonshiner’s 8 oz Leather Flask

3. For the couple: Takeout-Menu Organizer

When cooking for two, you quickly find your favorite places to order in. This organizer will make it easy for you to taste and rate your local food establishments, along with menus and notes about must-haves and must-avoids.

Available here: Takeout-Menu Organizer

4. For the Couple: Activity Books for Couples

This Couples Activity book is playful, searious, in depth, and light-hearted… just like your relationship. Get to know, or re-know, each other in over 40 pages of questions, games, and thoughts that will make you feel like lovebirds once again.

Available here: Activity Books for Couples

5. For the couple: Vintage Vac Wine Preserver

This great wine stopper removes air to preserve the wine’s freshness and taste. You know, for those times you find something more interesting to do together before you finish the bottle…

Available here: Vintage Vac Wine Preserver

1. Batman USB Flash Drive

Holy smokes Batman, they made us into computer devices! Now allow your inner superhero to emerge by buying one of these Batman inspired USB drives for one of your fellow Justice Leaguers.

Available here: Batman USB Flash Drive

2. Minimalist Comic Book Prints

The era of comic books is here! Through all of the summer hits (and misses) to the future remakes of all the superhero classics, these movie posters allow your comic book buff to bring his, or her, appreciation of the craft into adulthood with these minimalistic versions of classics.

Available here: Minimalist Comic Book Prints

3. Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box

Now you can give the gift of Lordship. Scottish Lordship and land is up for sale, so take advantage of all the tales set there: from Brave Heart to Rob Roy you gift may allow them to become the new legend heralded from this beautiful land. Did I mention they would also own some land there?

Available here:  Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box

4. Re-Cover iPhone Case

Old time gamers unite with this iPhone case that throws back to the N-64 controller and other old time favorites, from cameras to calculators. Let your nostalgic side get the best of you.

Available here: Recover iPhone Case

5. Pop Quiz Clock

Test your math skills or learn some new equations with this “fancy” Pop Quiz Clock.  Every mathlete in your life will love you with these hourly problems.

Available here: Pop Quiz Clock

1. The Guitar String Bracelet

Combining love for music and love for others, this Guitar String Bracelet makes a fun statement while all proceeds are donated to various charities. You can even find bracelets made from the strings of guitarists like Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sara Barreilles and more.

Available here: The Guitar String Bracelet

2. Eyesight for Eyesight (TOMS)

The newest addition to the TOMS franchise is donating eyesight to individuals in third world countries for every pair of sunglasses purchased. Give style to your friend, and sight to someone else’s friend.

Available here: Eyesight for Eyesight

3. Animal Greeting Cards

Perfect for your pooch, we shouldn’t forget every member of our family this year, even the canine and feline ones. Photographers Janet Healey and Joe Grisham team up to sell stylish greeting cards featuring dogs and cats in adoption shelters. 10% of proceeds go to animal welfare groups and shelters.

Available here: Animal Greeting Cards

4. Stainless Steak Knife Set

Offered from the Food Network, this set of eight makes contributions to Share Our Strength, a charity that helps fight childhood hunger, for every set purchased. It’s perfect for the food lover and social activist.

Available here: Stainless Steak Knife Set

5. Choose your own gift that gives!

No need to be restricted to our suggestions, at this website you can choose from dozens of charities that are offering goods that help raise funds for each noble cause. Give a gift that gives this year.

Available here: Choose your own gift (example shown was a Michael aram vine coaster and stopper.)

Post Published on December 9, 2011. Guest Blogger: Rachel Anderson. 

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