How to Make Your Own Rustic Wedding Decorations

How to Make Your Own Rustic Wedding Decorations

You have the dress and the venue and an overall picture of your perfect wedding day.  It’s no secret that wedding costs can add up, and quickly.  There are some ways to help save costs though.  Creating your own rustic wedding decorations can be easy and fun, and save you loads of money on your big day.  Try these tips and ideas for some decorations that will create the perfect atmosphere for love, family, and friends. 

Mason Everything

Mason jars are a favorite rustic decoration.  They’re relatively inexpensive, especially for an entire set or package which can have anywhere from four jars to over twelve.  Incorporate your wedding colors by painting the jars with your desired color.  Adding twine or string tied around the top lip of the jar gives it a special rustic touch, and then add sand and a candle, or flowers for lovely, simple, décor.  They can be placed on tables, entryways, or the altar or other areas you want them placed. 

Make a Statement

Many rustic weddings use wooden signs to display quotes, Bible verses, directions or instructions, and many others.  These signs can be very expensive to have custom made.  Using a few pieces of an old pallet which you can find at many stores that have loading areas or similar areas, you can easily sand and paint or stain the wood.  

Often people just want to get rid of pallets, so if you look for them ahead of time, you can probably get them for free (yay!).  Using stencils or printing off your message in a large font from your computer and then cutting it out, you can expect your statement to look like it was done by a professional.  Signs like “welcome,” “wedding this way,” and many other messages can be used.  Prop them up on a table or use a stand for some excellent décor ideas. Don’t forget to add flowers, pictures, and other accessories to really dress it up. 

Pallets Pallets Pallets

Pallets are a great resource to use for anything rustic.  You can build a pallet table by stacking two columns of pallets anywhere from 6 to 8 pallets high.  Placing a piece of construction board or glass will give the “table” a nice top where you can serve drinks, food, or have floral arrangements.  They can also be used to paint a wedding and reception schedule.  

For example, on each plank a different event and time could be painted, like “3:00 p.m. ceremony, and then “4:00 p.m. cocktails,” and so on and so forth.  Pallets planks can be nailed together like a giant picture frame for both guests and the bride and groom to use for some clever photos.  The opportunities to use pallets as rustic décor are too numerous to mention, and they are usually inexpensive or free!

Extra Caution Before the Big Day

Creating your rustic wedding decorations will help your budget.  You can spend the money you save on other areas like catering, or you can save it to start off your new lives together.  Making your own decorations present options, and we all like options.  You get to choose the look, the color, and the style of these decorations, which will make your day perfect.  

However, when using tools and creating wood décor items, please use extra caution.  Cords can become tripping hazards, and fragments of wood can damage an eye.  Wear safety glasses and proper protection, so you won’t have to apply extra makeup to cover any mishaps.  Ask for help if you need to because two hands are always better than one. 

Guest Blogger: Want to know what it feels like to make your own decor using power and hand tools? Let Sarah show you the right way on The DIY Hammer.

Post Published on November 9, 2017. Photo by Adrienne Gunde.

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