Wedding Day Essentials

Wedding Day Essentials

Wedding preparation can be exhausting, and it’s easy to forget some little, yet essential items for the big day. By thinking ahead and packing some last-minute essentials in your wedding kit, you’ll be able to be present and enjoy your special day. What are some items that you might want to include?

Health & Wellness

  • Medicines: From making sure the wedding plans are in order to dancing the night away, you’re going to have some aches. Having extra strength pain killers is a must!

  • Eye Drops and Tissues: It’s no secret that weddings can be emotional, so be sure to include some eye drops for irritated eyes, as well as tissues to wipe away any happy tears.

  • Oral Care: Find a gentle tooth-whitening toothpaste, like this one here that you can use prior to and the day of the wedding. Don’t forget a toothbrush!

Primping & Beauty

You’ll want to make sure this part of your wedding day kit is fully stocked. Not only can this be useful for the bride, but it can also come in handy for those in the wedding party.

  • Makeup: If you’re planning to get your makeup done, you’ll still want to include some extra products in your kit for touch-ups. Consider tweezers, eyelash glue, lipstick or gloss, eyeliner and powder.

  • Hair: If you’re planning to get your hair done, you’ll want to make sure you have a holding hairspray on hand for any humidity or fly-away pieces. Be sure to include a travel hairbrush and extra bobby pins to your kit as well.

  • Nail Polish: As the bride, your hands are a very important focal point in your wedding. Your guests might be admiring your new rings or your photographer might be capturing some intimate hand-holding shots. Be sure to include some extra polish, clear or a matching colored coat, to take care of any last-minute fixes.

  • Underwear: You’d be surprised how many brides-to-be forget their undergarments the day of their wedding. Pack an extra strapless bra, like this one, that will not only fit flawlessly, but will also look great under any style dress.

Food & Beverage

With all the preparation and nerves on the day of the wedding, it’s easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated. But no one wants a woozy bride or fainting bridesmaid.

  • Snacks: Be sure to include a variety of snacks in your kit. Not only for yourself, but also for those in your wedding party. Granola bars, cheese and crackers, or even candy for those who have a sweet tooth are a great options to have.

  • Beverages: Bottled waters and energy drinks are wedding-day must-haves. A helpful tip is to sip on water while you’re getting your hair done to stay hydrated. (Bonus tip: stock up on straws to help keep your lipstick or gloss intact!)

  • Celebratory Beverages: It is a day of celebration, so be sure to include some champagne to pop with your wedding party as you’re getting ready. Get creative and customize the champagne labels to include your names and wedding date on them. They’ll look great in pictures and you can save one to share on your first anniversary!

Between all of the big plans, paying vendors and the pre-wedding events, give yourself some extra time to think about what items you’ll need on the big day. The list of essentials is going to vary from bride to bride, so decide what items are going to be the most beneficial for you. By taking the time to figure out your wedding day essentials will allow to you relax and enjoy the entire day, which truly is most important.

For more ideas on planning your big day, stay tuned with the Skybox Event Productions Blog for more help!

Published on March 20, 2018. Photo from Louis Trinh.

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